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We strive to treat patients with urgent needs as fast as possible to provide them with the best treatment as possible. However, we also try to uphold a competitive price list.

Emergency Treatment

Several dentists at the same dental clinic provides more flexibility to find time for emergency patients. As a toothache is one of the most unpleasant types of pains, it is important with a swift, efficient treatment.

Dental Clinic in Østerbro

At Tandklinikken Østerbro, we have three dentists, two dental hygienists and four dental assistants that make up an expert team at the clinic. Tandklinikken Østerbro is your local dentist in the middle of Østerbro. You can find our clinic on Nordre Frihavnsgade 27, 2nd floor, 2100 København Ø – just a few hundred meters from Trianglen and Østerbrogade.

Dental Clinic with a Focus on Your Comfort

At our dental clinic, we emphasise comfort, safety, transparency and service above all. One way of demonstrating this is by displaying the prices on our treatments. You can see our current price list on dental treatments here.
As your preferred dentist in Østerbro, we also do our utmost to make your treatments in our clinic as easy and painless as possible. Our dentists and staff stay updated in the industry through continuing professional development. This includes participating in courses organised by the Danish Dental Association (Tandlægeforeningen). Doing so means that you can have trust in our dentists’ expertise and always feel safe at our clinic.

Make an Appointment at Your Local Dentist

Regardless if you are a new or a regular patient, it is easy for you to make an appointment for a dental treatment via our website. For example, you can book an appointment by clicking HERE and fill in the appointment form. You are also free to make an appointment via the phone number +45 3538 5186 if this is a more comfortable method for you. You can also email us on klinik@tandbro.dk if you have any questions or enquiries.

Emergency Dental Treatment

At our dental clinic, we do not only accept patients who have an appointment – we also help patients with urgent dental problems. If you are bothered by a toothache or another urgent dental problem, we offer treatment in our clinic on the same day. The dental clinic is open from Monday through Friday from 08-16 (08-14 on Fridays). You are very welcome to address us if you are in need of an emergency dentist in Østerbro.
If you experience toothaches or other dental problems outside our regular opening hours, we would like to refer to the emergency dentist Tandlægevagten, which is also located in Copenhagen Ø.

Cozy Dental Clinic near Trianglen

To make sure your experience with us is as pleasant as possible, we have put much effort into designing our clinic in a cozy, homely style. We did this for a simple reason: we are certain that nice, welcoming clinic decor create comfortable surroundings for you as a patient. If you want to experience a dental clinic that is something out of the ordinary, then do come by and visit our dental clinic in Østerbro – you will not regret it.
If you are curious to know what other patients have said about our service, you are also free to read our many testimonials.

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