Who We Are

At Tandklinikken Østerbro, we have three dentists, two dental hygienists and four dental assistants. We commit ourselves to meet everyone who visits our clinic in a respectful, relaxed and friendly way. It is important to us that you feel safe when you are visiting our clinic.

Usually, we have short waiting times for our dental treatments. We always strive to treat patients with urgent needs on the same day.

Our staff participate in continuing professional development and courses held by the Danish Dental Association (Tandlægeforeningen) to know the latest trends. We also ensure that our clinic is up-to-date with the latest materials and equipment technology.

Surroundings and Hygiene

We put much effort into ensuring that your treatment in our clinic takes place in a calm, painless manner. We gladly wait an additional five minutes to make sure that the anesthesia has the desired effect.

Our dental clinic is designed and furnished in a cosy, homely style with warm colours and interesting items from around the world. This creates, according to our experience, safe and comfortable surroundings for the patients. Of course our clinic decor does not compromise on the hygienic requirements.

Hygiene is of high importance. The entire staff wear masks, safety glasses and new gloves at every treatment. The clinic is equipped with ultramodern machines for cleaning of equipment in our sterilisation, such as washer and autoclave. The Danish State Serum Institute conducts monthly inspections of our hygienic standards.

Per – Tandlæge på Østerbro

Dentist. Cand. Odont. in 1980

After five years as a district dentist in Northern Sweden, Per returned to Denmark and worked as a maternity cover for Lene in Nordre Frihavnsgade, and, in 1986, Per continued in the clinic with Lene. Per has worked within all branches of general dental treatment.

Per Lien Pedersen


Camilla completed her degree in the summer of 2014 and has been employed at the clinic since May 2017. She is trained with a speciality in dental checkups, scaling, periodontitis treatment and preventive dental care. Thus, she will examine your teeth and clean them during the regular checkups.

Camilla Filipsen

Mathias – Tandlæge

Dentist. Cand. Odont. in 2015

Mathias has been employed at the clinic since 2017. Mathias has been stationed several times with Dentists without Borders. Mathias performs all types of dental treatments with a particular interest in surgery. Besides working at our clinic, Mathias is also employed as a hospital dentist at Copenhagen University Hospital (Rigshospitalet).

Mathias Rud Jacobsen

Camillla – Tandklinikken Østerbro

Camilla Filipsen

Dental hygienist

Josefine Skree-Lassen

Dental hygienist

Victoria Bard

Dental assistant

Henrik Bang Vedelgart

Marketing manager

Jean Niedoborski Jacobsen

Malene – Tandlæge Østerbro

Malene Jensen

Dental assistant intern
Mazyar – Tandlæge Østerbro

Mazyar Oraei

Head of administration

Simone is currently being trained as a dental assistant. Typically, you will meet Simone and her tranquil personality at the dental chair.

Simone Scheel

Dental assistant
Cecilia – Tandlæge Østerbro

Cecila Nielsen

Dental assistant

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